As a service to our current clients and friends, below is a guide to some frequently used and informative websites that you may find useful or interesting. 

I.    Federal Government

       A.      Executive Branch

1.     White House Home Page

 2.     Office of the President

 3.     Office of the Vice President

 4.     Office of the First Lady 

 5.     Executive Agencies

a.     Department of Agriculture

b.     Department of Commerce

c.     Department of Defense

d.     Department of Education

e.     Department of Energy

f.      Department of Health and Human Services

g.     Department of Housing and Urban Development

h.     Department of the Interior

i.      Department of Justice

 j.     Department of Labor

 k.    Department of State

 l.     Department of Transportaion 

m.    Department of Treasury

  i.    Internal Revenue Service

  ii.    Internal Revenue Code

  iii.   Treasuray Regulations 

 n.    Department of Veterans Affairs

 o.    Department of Homeland Security

         B.     Legislative Branch

  1.     House of Representative

   2.     Senate

   3.     Library of Congress

         C.     Judicial Branch

   1.     Supreme Court

   2.     Federal Courts

II.      Missouri Government

  A.      Executive

    1.     Governor

    2.     Secretary of State

   B.      Legislative

    1.     House of Representative

    2.     Senate

    3.     Missouri Revised Statutes

    4.     Missouri Code of State Regulations

   C.      Judicial

    1.     Supreme Court

    2.     Missouri Courts

    3.     Missouri CaseNet

   D.      Missouri Department of Revenue

III.     Business and Finance

  A.     Stocks, Securities and Exchange

    1.     NASDAQ

    2.    New York Stock Exchange

    3.     American Stock Exchange

    4.     Dow Jones

    5.     Yahoo Finance

    6.     Stock Quotes

    7.     Stockmaster Stock Charts

    8.     Big Charts

   B.     Business

     1.     Better Business Bureau

      2.     Thomas Register of American Companies

IV. News and Media

   A.     Business News

            1.     Wall Street Journal

    2.     Barron's

    3.     Forbes

    4.     Bloomberg

  B.     St. Louis News

    1.     STL Today

    2.     St. Louis Business Journal

  C.     General News

    1.     CNN

    2.     ABC

    3.     CBS

    4.     NBC

    5.     FOX

    6.     Reuter's News Service

    7.     U.S. News and World Report

    8.     New York Times

    9.     Washington Post

   10.    MSN

V.     Legal

  A.     Findlaw

  B.     LexisOne

  C.     Legal Information Institute

  D.    Thomas

  E.     GOP Access

  F.     WashLaw Web

  G.    The Virtual Chase

  H.    LLRX

  I.     Hieros Gamos

  J.     Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids

VI.     Same-Sex Couples and LGBT Sites

  A.     Lambda Legal

  B.     Human Rights Campaign

  C.     Vital Voice

VII.    Search Engines

  A.     Google

  B.     Yahoo!

  C.     Snap

  D.    Alta Vista

  E.     Ask

  F.     Alltheweb

  G.     AOL Search

  H.     Lycos

   I.     HotBot

   J.     LookSmart

VIII.  General

  A.     National Weather Service

  B.     MapQuest

  C.     Consumer Reports

  D.     Currency Converter

  E.     Kelley Blue Book

  F.     Applicable Federal Rates