The mission of our law office is to develop long-term and trusting relationships with individuals, families and businesses built on a foundation of timely and caring service and quality work.  We strive to provide our clients with peace of mind that their issues or problems are being identified, addressed and solved based on their needs, goals and objectives in an efficient, cost effective and comfortable manner.

Because of our mission, we have a commitment:

  • To Developing Friendships And Relationships With Our Clients.  Our commitment to friendships and relationships is what makes our work worthwhile.  We take pride in our clients success, partly because we helped them achieve it, but more because we simply like them.
  • To Providing Quality Service For Our Clients.   Our commitment to quality service means that we endeavor to always represent our clients effectively and efficiently and be responsive to their needs, requests, and expectations.  We serve our clients with knowledge, skill creativity, perseverance and care.
  • To Serving The Community.  Our commitment to the community is our recognition of  the special responsibility that attorneys bear to our society.  We not only acknowledge, but also welcome the obligation we have to our community and endeavor to actively participate in community service, pro bono representation and professional organizations.
  • To Being Loyal to Clients And Friends.  Our commitment to loyalty to our clients and friends means that we put their interests first, even if it comes before our own.



The Law Office of Richard C. Petrofsky assists clients with Estate and Gift Planning, Wills, Trusts, Charitable Planning, Special Needs Planning, Elder Law and Medicaid Planning, Estate and Family Planning for Same-Sex Couples and LGBT Individuals, Asset Protection Planning and Corporate and Business Planning in St. Louis, Missouri and surrounding areas.