Virtual Cemetary


I recently came across a website called I-Tomb.  I-Tomb claims to be the first virtual cemetery.  For an annual charge of about 50 bucks, you can create an online "tomb" for a deceased person.  You can decorate the "tomb" with virtual flowers, poems, tributes or video. 

I bet you are thinking, "how can a dead person pay $50 a year to keep up the tomb."  Not a problem.  You can pre-pay for two decades (or a living person can keep it up and pay annually).

Don't like the idea of a virtual tomb.  Another option available is to create your own virtual memorial site before you die.  You may even be able to pre-write e-mails to be sent after you die.

I'll be courious to see how popular this I-Tomb business becomes.  The internet is changing the world.  Facebook users have already turned people's Facebook page to a tribute after death, so I-Tomb might possibly be the next logical step. 


It does, however, seem a bit tacky.  Don't have time to go to a loved ones grave.  Well, now you can visit them on your smart phone.  Some people might even multi-task and visit the virtual grave while they are at home watching T.V.


Let me know what you think?