Baby Needs Blue Suede Shoes


A woman named Susan Johansen published a book called "I, Lisa Marie."  In the book she claimed that she is the legitimate daughter of Elvis and Priscilla Presley.

After the book came out her publisher later denounced her as delusional.  Nevertheless, Johansen stuck to her claim asserting that after Elvis died in 1977, she was sent to Sweden to go into hiding and had to assume a new identity for her own safety. She said that the Lisa Marie Presley most people think of as Elvis' daughter is an impostor who took her place.

Now the "delusional story gets kinda interesting.  Johansen has asserted a  claim to a share of the vast Presley fortune. Her most recent lawsuit against the family argues that the singer's estate owes her $130 million for the emotional distress it has caused her by claiming she is not Elvis' rightful heir.

I think the estate's defense should be that she is not entitled to anything ... because Elvis isn't really dead.  You can call it the "Stupid is as Stupid Does" defense.