Bagel Law


My Dad was a baker and owned a bakery so I have a bit of knowledge on the topic of bagels.  I know that some people swear that New York bagels are the best bagels they ever tasted.  Usually these people haven't tasted my Dad's bagels and if they had they no longer tout the New York bagel as a goodsend.

But why do some people think New York bagels are so good?  Some attribute the superiority of the New York bagel to the production process. Others credit the city's water.  Whatever the truth, one Palm Beach man is taking the debate to the next level.

The man is suing The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co., claiming it fraudulently led him to believe it owned a unique patented process that can "Brooklynize" water. If he had known it was a lie, he would have never bought the rights to develop bagel franchises in two locations.

Broklyn Water Bagel boasts a 14-step “proprietary water treatment” system that allegedly recreates the water found in Brooklyn businesses and homes, thus allowing for the creation of a true "New York" bagel across the country.

The man who brought the suit claims the water filtration system isn’t even unique. And even if it is, there aapparently is some doubt about whether the company even owns the patent.

As with all lawsuits, the man who brought the suit needs to prove his accusations are true. To do so, he contacted experts who can test both Brooklyn and “Brooklynized” water made with the 14 step propiertary water treatment and compare the two. If the chemical compositions don’t match, he may very well have a case.  However, common sense dictates that the assertion like this are simply puffery. Can filtration systems ever dictate water’s exact mineral makeup?

And does water type really make a bagel good or bad? 

I wish my Dad were here to anwer this question.