A Cat's Nine Lives


Boots the cat will live after all, albeit in a no-kill shelter animal shelter. 

Boots owes her life to Fifth Third Bank trust department and Cats-Are-Purrsons-Too, a nonprofit dedicated to caring for cats that the elderly can no longer keep because of changing life situations.

Boots' owner died in late 2011.  The owner's will requested that Boots be euthanized after the owner's death "in a painless, peaceful manner" by a veterinarian.

Books owner was not survived by any relatives and left the bulk of her estate, valued at about $1.4 million, to twelve animal-related charitable organizations.

Fifth Third Trust was appointed to oversee the owner's estate.  The trust company was reluctant to carry out the provisions of the will that would require Boots be put to death.  It filed a petition with the probate court to request permission to allow Boots to live out her remaining life in the care of Cats-Are-Purrsons-Too, a no-kill shelter located in Chicago, which agreed prior to the petition being filed to take in Boots.

The owner's neighbors had been feeding the 11-year-old cat since the owner died. In an affidavit, the neighbors stated they believed the owner would have preferred that a suitable home be found for Boots instead of euthanizing her, despite what the will said. Cook County probate court judge agreed and Boots was moved to the shelter to live out the rest of her natural life.