Mother's Day - Some Mom's Aren't as Good as Mine


Hands down, my Mom is the best.  A truly loving and caring person.  My wife is the same way for our kids.  However good our kids turn out, it is because of her.  Which got me thinking on Mother's Day, what makes a good mom?  Or, looking at it from the other side of the coin, what makes a bad mom?  I decided to put together a list of mom's who whould qualify for bad mom of the year.  Not Casey Anthony type moms ... we all know they are bad.  But what about the mom's that are bad, but don't make it on Nancy Grace. 

Consider the following, none of which in my view, desire a Mother's Day card, but I'll let you judge.  After reading this, you might also want to thank your mom ... for at the very least not treating you like the mom's below treated their kids.

  • Keemonta Peterson.  We all know that kids are expensive, and parents that are short on cash might need to make adjustments for what kids need.  This mom took it to an extreme.  She actually operated on her children in order to avoid the cost of surgery.  She also performed a circumcision on her son after learning how to perform the procedure on YouTube.
  • Ashly Clark.  We have all been punished for misbehaving.  This mom took sending her kids (ages 3 and 5) to their room to the next level.  She locked them in a 30 by 42 inch wire dog cage.
  • Snadra Miranda.  Think your mom is a helicopter parent?  This mom set up a fight between her 17 year old daughter and her 14 year old friend.  She then spent the duration of the fight urging her teen to hit harder -- and to bite the other girl.
  • Ka Yang.  After finding evidence of thermal injuries on Yang's dead 6-week-old daughter, investigators concluded that she had microwaved the baby.  There seems to have been some mental illness involved.
  • Stephanie Broten.  As punishment for her child's grades, this mom shaved her daughter's head, made her dress in a diaper and tank top and made her go up and down the street picking up trash.

Bringing it back to home because this is a law blog, most of the above mom's have been charged with some type of crime.