No Good Deed


There is an old saying that "no good deed goes unpunished." A Kansas man might very well be learning this lesson the hard way. 

The man, William Marotta, has been ordered to pay child support for a child that was concieved with his sperm through sperm donation.  Marotta probably thought he was doing a good deed three years ago when he donated his sperm to to a same-sex lesbian couple that he learned about on a Craigslist ad.  Marotta responded to an ad for seman, signed a contract with the same-sex couple and donated his sperm. The contract that Marotta signed was suppose to waive his responsibility to provide future financial care to the conceived child. When the lesbian couple could no longer work to support the child, they filed for welfare (when the child was about 3 years old).

The Kansas Department of Children and Families determined that the baby's own biological father should pay child support, in lieu of the department paying welfare, and demanded to know the identity of the father. When Marotta contested that the department's claim based on the contract he signed, the department determined that the contract was not valid because the insemination of the donor sperm was not handled by a licensed physician, which is a requirement under Kansas law.

Marotta is challenging the ruling. 

I'll be interested to know how this case pans out.