IRS Estate Tax Statistics - 2012-2013


The IRS recently released a statistical report for "Estate Tax Returns Filed For Wealthy Decedents, 2012-2013." Here are some of the highlights from that report:

  • The increase in the filing threshold has reduced the number of estate tax returns by 87%.
  • In 2012, the gross estate threshold has drastically increased since 2003 from $1.0 million to $5.12 million.
  • The total net estate tax for 2012 was $8.5 billion.
  • The state with the highest number of estate tax returns filed in 2012 was California.
  • Stock and real estate make up about 50% of estate tax assets in 2012. 
  • Those with assets worth more than $20 million had more stocks in their portfolio than any other type of assets.